Artworks & Exhibitions

20202021 ‘Wishing Everyone’ Mural– in progress co-created with local artists: Amy’s beautiful herons lettering is by, Julia and Rosie, and swirls and colours by Mhari. This is part of our Hotwells Voices series as part of Art under the Flyover and will progress with outlines of characters holding banners with positive statements written by local people

2020 Build Back Better, TAPS NOW at Kosar Gallery, as part of a group show with The Artists Project Space

2020 Forevolution at the Centre of Gravity with Bristol Artist-Led Forum I devised Unlocking Bristol, The Sun Will Rise and so Will We and an installation for Finding Common Ground. I also facilitated younger artists and performers to participate and presented a talk called Alternative Approaches to Architecture. Here’s a little film I made as a provocation for Bristol DIY proposing the value of ‘artist-led’ initiatives.

2019 PRESENTE is an art/documentary film, made for Inhabited Spaces, a group show in The Island Gallery in Bristol, curated by Maria Jose Carvalho and Amalia Pascal. I use archive footage and contemporary interviews to describe how people (in this case people close to me) migrate and integrate into communities and how those neighbourhoods change.

2018 Entitled an exhibition of contemporary women artists at Spike Island Open Studios

Here is an eclectic selection of some of my work

2008-2010 West Bristol Arts Trail was a response to local desires for an Art Trail and as the Community Development Officer for Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association I set this up with invaluable support and hard work of local volunteers. In 2009 I ran the trail as a free-lance volunteer and handed over in 2010