I produce arts activities and events within communities in order to bring people together, explore social and environmental realities, enjoy creative processes and help to amplify people’s voices. Most of my projects and commissions are collaborative and cross many media.

photo by Alice Hendy

I want to see a world where citizens are treated as experts in their neighbourhoods and where they are respectfully invited to participate in regeneration and change in our cities. Where artists are valued for the way we innovate, adapt, reimagine, create and encourage others to do the same.

Engaging Communities

Engaging with Southmead community to create a piece of public art in 2019, involving over 100 participants in art sessions to inform our design. Locals came up with ‘Strength in the Community’ as a positive phrase.

Finding Common Ground is my latest collaboration. A collective of artists working in communities throughout Bristol have been exploring issues that link neighbourhoods and developing messages we’d like to share with authorities to improve social equality. We are currently adapting this for physical distancing restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact me to find out more

“Collaboration, creativity, and community engagement with great energy and sensitivity are at the centre of everything that Anna does. She has a wonderful way of finding the magical in the marginalised. If only every community had an Anna!”

Professor Rachel Sara, Birmingham School of Architecture and Design


  • MA Independent Film & Video, London School of Media
  • BA Fine Art (Sculpture and Media), Slade School of Art, UCL
  • ILM Management for Creative Practitioners
  • Community Organisers Certificate

Artists Networks

Build the relationships before you build the thing

Damon Rich