Since 1996 I’ve enjoyed working with many different people from a multitude of backgrounds, helping organisations and individuals tell their stories and explore creative ideas. 

This work includes video, community-led art projects and exploring social issues with large and small groups.

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Designing bandstands for the Portway with trainee architects Luke Carnaby, Matt Smith and Luke Copely-Wilkins at UWE


It was an absolute pleasure working with Anna as part of Art within the Cracks. She has a real passion and energy. From concept through to completion she was well organised, had clear direction and was very motivational. Grace Kress, PAPER Arts CIC

Anna is a thoughtful, encouraging and supportive artist with incredible resilience. Working with the young women from Year 9 at Merchants Academy in Bristol was a highlight. Victoria Hole, 2 O’Clock Beauty Queens


Home: 23 Avon Crescent, Bristol BS1 6XQ, Studio: The Artists Project Space, Little Paradise Street, BS3

Please contact me 07957 252239 if you’d like to share an idea, make a film or develop a creative project 

MA Independent Film & Video, London School of Media,

BA Fine Art (Sculpture and Media), Slade School of Art, UCL

What alters the way we see the street is more important than what alters the way we see painting-

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