Little Fish Films

In 1998 myself and my school friend, Paulo Sanheuza, set up Little Fish Films because we wanted to make videos with and for communities and clients who couldn’t access commercial production companies. We wanted to get their voices heard and help them tell stories in their own words. 

For over 15 years we worked with artists, theatre companies, youth services, health and social care services, schools, charities and environmental groups.

This art/documentary film, made for Inhabiting Spaces, a group show in The Island Gallery in Bristol in January 2019, uses some of our archive footage and covers many of the issues that interested us or that we were commissioned to cover.

Little Fish Films website is stuck in time, but do take a look at what we’ve done up to 2012. 


‘Anna’s expert advice and experience was invaluable in creating engaging web friendly footage of student interviews. Her positive, friendly and professional attitude helped us achieve this project’ 

Duncan Coutts, GSoE, University of Bristol 2013