A selection of commissions that I have most enjoyed working on over the years

Strength in the Community 20192020 is a public art piece destined for the corner of a housing development in Southmead, created through engagement with over a 100 residents of north Bristol. Commissioned by United Communities in collaboration with Grace Kress of Shelby X Studios and Luke Palmer of Collaborative Painting UK.

Sharing Communities is the name I gave to my Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme commission running from April to October 2015, as part of Bristol’s European Green Capital year.


The brief was to work across the Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East Neighbourhood Partnership area of Bristol engaging people in re-use, re-purposing and recycling.

It’s such a diverse area, taking in the leafy heights and former slave trade residencies of Clifton to council estates in Redcliffe with issues of disengagement and racism.

The Pilgramage of the Prodigal Daughter 2015, a journey by Director Lizzie Philps, who walked 40 miles over a 6 month period wearing her baby daughter in a carrier, reflects on the conflicts of motherhood and creative production. Together we viewed and edited the many hours of video footage to create projections integral to a piece of theatre about ‘walking’ for Ferment Fortnight at Bristol Old Vic in January.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013  I worked as an associate producer for Puppet Place on the community elements of the festival, building on previous work with Tony Gee of Moveable Feast, engaging after school clubs and raising funds for the Carnival.

2012 The Poet’s Shed was commissioned by the Shed Poets, who wanted to create a video anthology instead of their usual written anthology. The 6 Irish poets chose 3 poems each which we recorded and created a mosaic of still and moving image, with original music by Elizabeth Purnell

2009-2010 The Lesser Spotted Collectors Club was a performance created from arts and science practitioners exploring aspects of Darwin and his work. The project was run by Full Beam Visual Theatre and the performance was hosted by Explore @ Bristol, which was transformed into an anarchic, semi apocalyptic future where no birds existed. I created projections of migrating birds for the planetarium with Liz Purnell and other films as part of the museum ‘collections’.

2003-4 The Babel Project, with Lewisham College Performing Arts department, exploring immigration issues with students through drama, dance and music. The students travelled to Europe to share the project with peers.

2003-5 New Xpressions, A programme of creative workshops in New Cross exploring issues of citizenship, with Lewisham Youth Service, Get Set for Citizenship SRB, New Cross NDC and some amazing creative workshop leaders.

Broadway Fields 1999-2002 There was a derelict park that we used to play in as kids. The DLR and developers were surrounding it and local parks were shrinking, so this collaboration, led by environmental consultancy, The Deptford Discovery Team worked to ensure we achieved planning status as a space for young people. Little Fish Films and Deptford Youth Forum carried out video consultations in youth clubs, schools and on the streets. In 2002 we did some design events and in the mid naughties a sports space was built and is today managed by the local community