Art within the Cracks

This collaboration discusses what we create, how we find the time to fit making into our already saturated lives, what the challenges are for women in today’s world and reminiscences about our mothers and grandmothers. We want to look at Herstories in intimate detail and revisit and share work made by women artists during the 100 years since we gained franchise.

This film, dedicated to my Aunty Jackie, weaves poetry, conversations and images of artwork. it was made as part of Re:Jacqueline Morreau- Mythologies and the Marginalised, a retrospective of some of her work combined with a programme of live performance, discussions and screenings. You can view the whole film here 

The artists involved so far include:
Supported by Liz Haughton of Spike Cafe, Spike Associates, Ellie Freeman of Caboodle, Althea Greenan of Women’s Art Library, Bristol Women’s Voice and Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton of Valuable Content Ltd
Janet Currier & Christine Stewart at Janet's MFA Show Goldsmiths 2017
Janet Currier with Christine Stewart 2017
The project will run throughout 2018 with events, more films, workshops for younger people and artworks online and offline throughout the year. If you would like to add your voice and are happy to be interviewed, collaborate or have work you want to share, please contact me by email
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“The Women’s Art Library is keen to support this project as a piece of work that produces a new opportunity for women artists to identify and share the everyday strategies that enable them to develop and maintain art practices. This project will not only generate critical documentation in digital form that will serve a networked community, it will also produce a print publication referencing a critical arts magazine supported by the ACE from the 1980s to 2002, which continues to be an internationally distributed academic and pedagogical text: the Women’s Art Magazine. This project is a welcome opportunity for the WAL to support an ambitious and well-supported project outside of London. This would also be an excellent project to build on the work of the Bristol-based group “Womens Art Work” (1981-1993) whose archives we received from Denny Long last year.” Althea Greenan