Art within the Cracks

To celebrate the centenary of the first women to achieve franchise in the UK, I started conversations between women artists. Visit Art within the Cracks website to find out about more about the project and the other artists involved.

Janet Currier & Christine Stewart at Janet's MFA Show Goldsmiths 2017
Janet Currier with Christine Stewart 2017

Art within the Cracks has brought together women of all ages in shared exploration of what it feels to identify as female and the journey equality is on. The intergenerational aspect of the project has really opened my eyes to different societal pressures on women of different ages.

Victoria Hole  2 O’Clock Beauty Queens

The project enabled the girls to not only express themselves but built confidence, self esteem and created an environment of positivity and energy on a weekly basis. It was a really powerful journey to be a part of.’ 

Rachel Pearson, 11.3.19, PE Teacher to Year 9 students at Merchants Academy

The world needs projects like this because women deserve to have their talents and potential recognised! Women from all backgrounds need to be enabled to access the art world – it is an incredibly important tool for political comment, for expressing the feelings and frustrations of being a woman and for therapy and enjoyment. The project is also celebratory and provides a platform for incredible women – something that often gets forgotten!

Ellie Vowles, Bristol Women’s Voice Coordinator

Art within the Cracks developed into an exemplary artist-led research and outreach project that reaffirms the Women’s Art Library collection as a national platform from which to respond to the importance of raising the visibility of women’s art practice.”

Althea Greenan, Curator, Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University  

This film, dedicated to my Aunty Jackie, weaves poetry, conversations and images of artwork. it was made as part of Re:Jacqueline Morreau- Mythologies and the Marginalised, a retrospective of some of her work combined with a programme of live performance, discussions and screenings. You can view the whole film here 

This project was awarded a Small Project Grant in 2018

Art within the Cracks is supported by Spike Associates, Liz Haughton of Spike Cafe, Althea Greenan of Women’s Art Library, Ellie Vowles at Bristol Women’s Voice and Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton of Valuable Content Ltd