Every Wednesday between mid-morning and mid-afternoon, Hotwells resident, Mike Timmins sets up FABRICation on the ground floor of the CREATE Centre. His aim is to share his experience of the textile industry and lifespans of textiles, highlighting environmental, economic and social aspect of production and waste.

Fabrication1 Mike says: ‘Producing and using textiles can have many effects on the environment, ranging from pollution from pesticide use on sheep to excessive use of water for growing fibres like cotton, and from producing scrap fabric during clothes manufacture to excessive transport of part-finished garments as they are sent round the world for different parts of their manufacture.’

‘The FABRICation initiative addresses many aspects of textile production, fibre use by manufacturers and end users, and eventual disposal. Emphasis is given to the sustainability agenda, but also described are some less-known textile terms, and examples of interesting or historic textiles displayed. The contents of the display boards will change from time to time.’

FABRICation is a live activity, with projects in progress using waste textiles to produce useful and attractive items. These projects include cushion covers, wall hangings, tea cosies and the like, and will vary each time that FABRICation is open.

The aim here is to raise awareness of sustainability matters in an enjoyable and creative way rather than have any appreciable effect on the vast amounts of textiles sent to landfill in the UK.’

When I went to visit Mike, as well as reading all the information on his beautiful display boards, I learned that if we don’t weather proof the fabrics we put in our black boxes they will end up in landfill. Apparently it’s expensive and wastes energy to dry the fabrics before (usually) shipping them overseas to be re-used or recycled. So, if those fabrics are unsuitable for charity shops, be careful with your weekly recycling- or let’s find a more local solution!

Pop in and have a chat with Mike. Activities will vary from week to week, so there will always be something different going on!

CREATE Environment Centre, Smeaton Road Bristol BS1 6XN

For further info view FABRICation’s Textile sustainability and Lifesteps FABRICation

T: 077 1234 2333 (Wednesdays), E: mwtimmins@gmail.com


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  1. Just met Mike. Amazing man, amazing story and extremely down to earth/humble. Gave me great advice about life…the exact words I needed after I’ve been pondering!

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