Art Aspirations for 2014

Art Under the Flyover

Happy New Year from Hotwells Arts, and here’s what we’re thinking about for 2014!


Cumberland Piazza is finally getting it’s trees this year, eight Acer Rubrum Armstrong, to be planted in a group  – a variety of red maple that has an upright columnar form- and we’ll celebrate by renewing the tired old planter bags with something made to last.

We’re engaging young people in the space through a summer festival exploring how a wheels space could work on site and link with another site near the Festival Way Path by Ashton Meadows. We’re talking to yr 6, 7 and 8 kids at the moment, and producing a short film telling their stories. Helping us are a few grown-up skaters, a designer, some artists and musicians, but we’re on the look out for any adults and kids who want to work together on this!

We’re also keen to get some signage…

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