I develop and produce arts activities and events within diverse communities in order to bring people together, explore social and environmental realities, enjoy creative processes and help to amplify under represented voices. Most of my projects and commissions are collaborative and cross many media.

photo by Alice Hendy

I want to see a world where citizens have equal voices, are treated as experts in their neighbourhoods and are respectfully invited to participate in regeneration and change in our cities. A world where artists are valued for the way we innovate, adapt, reimagine, create and encourage others to do the same.

“Collaboration, creativity, and community engagement with great energy and sensitivity are at the centre of everything that Anna does. She has a wonderful way of finding the magical in the marginalised. If only every community had an Anna!”

Professor Rachel Sara, Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Acts of (In)visible Repair, the latest iteration of Lizzie Philps’ GPS Embroidery project, explored the unseen but essential networks within the urban environment of Exeter. We invited women and girls from different parts of the city to help us create GPS embroideries around the concept of repair. Through community mapping “walkshops” and an immersive audio performance, we shared the small but important ways we can enable biodiversity to thrive. This was one of six commissions from “Outside- the- Box”, which explored outdoor performances as a pandemic response. I was part of Lizzie’s artistic team along with Frances Merriman. I co-designed workshops, created an immersive audio track for the performances and made films for the Make Tank exhibition. Supported by Exeter Culture, University of Exeter and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

“It’s called ‘ground truthing’. Checking the results of machinery in the real wold” Lizzie Philps

Engaging with the Southmead community, Bristol, to create a piece of public art in 2019, involving over 100 participants in art sessions to inform our design

It was an absolute pleasure working with Anna. She has a real passion and energy. From concept through to completion she was well organised, had clear direction and was very motivational.

Grace Kress ShelbyXStudios


  • MA Independent Film & Video, London School of Media
  • BA Fine Art (Sculpture and Media), Slade School of Art, UCL
  • ILM Management for Creative Practitioners
  • Community Organisers Certificate

Artists Networks

Build the relationships before you build the thing

Damon Rich

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