3 awesome YouTubers to help you look and feel your best

Hey guys! Here are 3 awesome YouTubers that can help you look and feel your best.


This is Zoella, she is a British YouTuber whose blog is based around makeup and lifestyle. As a 15 year old girl my favourite thing about her blog is that it includes really helpful recommendations on what products to buy.


Zoella also finds amazing  Dupes. The dupe that is the best is probably the Revlon gloss lip bar (£7.99) and the Yves Saint Laurent sheen lipstick (£28.99), these lipsticks have practically the same formula and are almost identical in colour.

This is NikkieTutorials she is a American makeup YouTuber. Nikkie gives step-by-step make up tutorials that are so easy to follow. I trust her expertise because Nikkie has brought out her very own makeup line so I know she understands what makes a good product . She is sponsored by so many different kinds of famous makeup brands such as Too Face and Benefit, but despite this, she is very honest about all the products that she buys and tries. She normally has chit chat makeup tutorial videos.

Screen shot 2017-03-27 at 16.32.13


Fleur de Force is also another British YouTuber. She has a lovely open personality and gives great reviews! Here is a fun video called ‘YouTube made me buy it’.

Fleur is a very outgoing person with a very strong opinion. Some of her reviews are brutally honest, which could help determine whether or not you buy a product made by a certain company.




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